Jennifer Ellwood, M.A. RMT             
  Reiki Master Teacher • Spiritual Counselor • Interfaith Minister    
Strength. Power.

Do you want to stay healthy?  Finally complete that race? 
 Reach a goal that seems unattainable? Improve performance?  

As a certified Indoor Cycling, TRX®, and Restorative Yoga instructor, with many road races in my legs, including 2 Marathons, I am passionate about helping clients realize their fitness and sports goals.  

The mind is as powerful a "muscle" as all the others that we use in our bodies. The belief that we will accomplish something is an integral component in the journey and training to reach that goal.  The physical work still has to be done but,  if our thoughts limit us, we will never be empowered to reach our full potential. 

During our sessions, we will define where you limit yourself and, as I tell students every day, once you define those limits, you will break through them. Setting realistic goals, I will be present to support you throughout the process.  

Reiki is an amazing natural addition to any training program.  We know how important rest and repair are for the body.  Reiki lowers heart rate, promotes relaxation and healing, balances out the energy in the body and improves sleep; all components essential for recovery.  Reiki can also raise energy and clarity of mind, thereby improving performance.  

Using visualization, manifestation techniques, energy work and counseling, we will get you off your plateau! 

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