Jennifer Ellwood, M.A. RMT             
  Reiki Master Teacher • Spiritual Counselor • Interfaith Minister    
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"And then there's Jen..Jennifer Elwood is, by far, the most profoundly motivational person I know (physically and spiritually).  If she can move me, she can move mountains.." 

"Take a journey with Jen….Trust her to bring out the best in you, whether finding inner strength and endurance physically on the spin bike or awakening your inner being with the healing energy of Reiki. Her selfless attitude, passion for people, drive for excellence and spiritual awareness continues to challenge each of us to find our own path for endless possibilities and positive energy. Jen is a rare individual who can touch lives on so many levels. Open yourselves to the possibilities….."

 "Jen is one of the most inspiring women I know.  I've been taking her Spin classes for over 2 years, and they have become an integral part of my fitness program.  When the lights go off and the music begins, I know Jen will draw out of me every ounce of energy I have on any given day, providing me with the most fun and productive cardio workout possible.  Her classes are always different and always challenging, with great music.  She has more energy than any other spin instructor I've experienced, and she truly cares about each person in her Spin room.  Her loyal following of Spinners is apparent.  Including myself, many will take her class whenever and wherever they can.  Whether it's your first time spinning with her, or your 100th, Jen will give you the greatest cardio experience possible!" 
-Nancy K.

"Jen possesses the gift of teaching and encouragement. In her Spin classes she is able to motivate and push you beyond what you think your limits are. I have participated in other Spin classes but Jen's class is the only class I feel I have actually seen results from. In other spin classes you just go thru the motions.  In Jen's class you never plateau and she keeps you motivated and engaged in the class. She inspires you to develop a better you!"
- Victoria 

"Jen inspires, motives and takes you to your ultimate fitness level.  I have realized my strength and determination by taking her class. 
Lets go spinning!!!!!"

"'Jen changed my life'
I was at a point in my life, due to illness, I never imagined being physically active again. I watched Jen spin one morning and the energy I received made me want to join in. From that day on, her guidance, inspirational words and motivation have kept me always wanting more. Thank you!"

"I haven't known Jen a long time, but in the two years since we met she has inspired me to become a better and stronger person.  We met about 2 years ago at the Training Station in her Spin class which was motiviating and full of great energy.  Outside the Spin room is where I have really gotten to known Jen.   She is a great friend who I can always count on. She makes laugh, and is there when I need a shoulder to cry on.   Jen continues to inspire me to reach for my goals in all aspects of life, such as fitness, spiritual, and emotional and thus have gotten to know myself better.  I truly enjoy Jen's company and hope to have her as a friend for a very long time."

"I have been Spinning with Jen for over 5 years and can confidently say that every class she teaches consists of a challenging ride with great energy and exciting music.  She is dedicated to her work, carefully planning each class so that I can work hard, achieve results, and never get bored.  She is motivating and inspirational too.  I look forward to every spin class that she teaches.  Thank you Jen for being an integral part of my athletic journey."

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