Jennifer Ellwood, M.A. RMT             
  Reiki Master Teacher • Spiritual Counselor • Interfaith Minister    


Initial Session: $150.

Individual Sessions:

Healing and counseling sessions are held in studios in Port 
Washington, NY. 

Home visits are also 

Reiki Sessions and Spiritual Counseling 

Compassionate individual sessions include both talk and hands-on healing work. A combination of the following are included in each 60-minute session:

• By using a spiritual framework, we look into and discuss the issues that are preventing you from living fully.  Whether the desire is renewed physical or mental heath, or realizing a long-term goal, this identification initiates the process.
• Working physically, I use Reiki to "read" the body's energy. Reiki goes deep, aiding in the release of blockages that impact us on all levels; the physical, mental and spiritual. This helps ease energy flow and create the optimal environment for the body to balance and heal (scroll down to read more about Reiki). 
• Together, we discuss goal-setting and create a "bag of tools," to be used to further growth in between sessions.  These often include the powerful combination of meditation, visualization and the use of affirmations.  

What is Reiki? 

 (pronounced Ray-kee) means “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is an
energy system that is channeled from the universe through a practitioner’s
hands. Reiki promotes healing by allowing the life force to flow in its most
natural way.

Reiki will soothe the spirit, calm the mind, and balance the body in order to
promote an improved sense of wellness and health. A Reiki practitioner
can assist you in removing your obstacles to optimal physical and mental

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